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Daniel LiCalzi

Daniel LiCalzi was born in New Haven, Conn., and grew up in Garden City, New York. The son of a vascular surgeon and grandson of a graphic designer and a civil engineer, Daniel from a young age displayed an innate passion for taking anything and everything apart to see how it works His interest in the usability and design of objects – artistic, mechanical and digital – makes him a natural expert in what is now termed “user experience.” He is also the go-to, fix-it guy for a wide group of people including distant relatives.

Dan’s eclectic educational pursuits include studying architecture at NYIT, engineering and computer science at NCC, and industrial design at Pratt Institute where he and Chrissy Angliker met.

Design became Daniel’s key focus as it incorporates all his other areas of knowledge and interests. His background in computer science led him to experiment with, and master, 3-D modeling and rendering programs. His technical ability in these programs is sought after by many designers to create professional renderings and 2-D presentations while parallel fine- tuning their design.

Daniel was a product designer for Tanaka Kapec Design Group Inc., Norwalk, Conn., which focuses on medical equipment. His logical and minimalist approach is exemplified by his product and graphical user interface design for the MelaFind system computer cart, which aids doctors in the process of recognizing skin cancer through the use of a revolutionary scanner and software system. He is designated an inventor on two utility and design patents for the Melafind system graphical user interface and system cart design. The MelaFind system has received a great deal of media attention including a segment on ABC News.

“I enjoy solving multifaceted design problems as in the MelaFind system,” says Dan. “To me the real challenge lies in creating designs where form follows intention and that can actually be manufactured, while also taking sustainability and ecological concerns into consideration. Nature is where it’s at.”

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